If you do not know Senigallia, with its velvet beach and the magnificent hinterland, you lose something.

In addition to its 14 km of fine sand and clear water, is surrounded by rolling hills with historic villages of rare beauty such as Urbino, Gradara, San Leo, Corinaldo (the hometown of Santa Maria Goretti).

Senigallia has ancient origins, so the historical center is worth to be seen. Definitely worth a visit the “Rocca Roveresca”, it combines historical periods ranging from the fourteenth to the seventeenth century. As an extraordinary book, tells visitors ages, battles and events throughout the centuries.

To see, even the “Foro Annonario”, harmonious neo-classical brick structure, circular, designed in 1834 by the architect from Senigallia, Pietro Ghinelli.

Returning to the beach, do not forget to stroll along the harbor, where your eyes will be caught by the statue of Penelope that from the rocks awaits the return of the sailors. The peculiarities of this work are the hundreds of padlocks attached by lovers at the base of the statue, the symbol of eternal love. Put yours too, it seems to bring good luck!

Continue your walk to the “Rotonda sul mare”, a roundabout on the sea which is said to be just that sung by Fred Bongusto in the sixties. We do not know if this is true (Senigallia people swear so), but it certainly deserves to be seen.

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