Hotel Universal, for your beach holiday

The word “holiday” itself brings joy. And if we are living it… well, it is imperative that should be fantastic, if only because to repay ourselves for the long wait!

If you love the sea, here in Senigallia is just fine. In addition to being clean, it’s quiet. So, if you are not swimmers or, on the contrary, you like to swim and you are looking for a quiet sea or you have children, this is the holiday for you. However, in addition to the sea and the well-equipped beach, it also takes a nice place and at the right price where you can rest and eat.

Here we are. We await you.

 If you are one of our on the late July and early August, do not miss Summer Jamboree, the event with music, markets and entirely dedicated to the style of the 50’s. It is really amazing!


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